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MNS Max 3
 (total wellness)
Appetite Control

There are 3 Formulations in the Advocare Metabolic Nutrition System (MNS). Please read and click the links to pick one that is best for you. If you have questions, call us at 214-603-8287 and we can help you pick on that would be best for you.

Advocare MNS Vitamins Max 3
Advocare's most comprehensive system yet! In addition to appetite control, you will receive the best core nutrition as we have added Amplify A.T., Calcium Plus and an additional OmegaPlex® to this system.* Max 3 also offers sustained-release energy, which means energy will last throughout the day.* And with approximately half the caffeine of MNS ® Maximum Energy and MNS ® Maximum Appetite Control, it is a fantastic alternative for anyone looking for a lower-caffeine solution.* For energy, appetite control and overall outstanding core nutrition and wellness, Advocare MNS Vitamins Max 3 is the answer.*

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Adocare MNS ® Max Appetite Control

  • Improved formula
  • Provides maximum appetite control *
  • Supports weight management *

Adocare MNS ® Max Appetite Control provides the perfect solution for anyone who has trouble controlling his/her appetite.* Although reducing caloric intake is a key factor in maintaining weight, it's much easier said than done. Adocare MNS ® Max Appetite Control includes the appetite suppressants, metabolic enhancers and thermogenic products needed to help control appetite, reduce cravings (especially for carbohydrates and sweets) and gently increase energy levels.*
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Advocare MNS ® Max Energy

  • Provides maximum energy*
  • Supports weight management*
  • Provides core nutrition*

Advocare MNS Maximum Energy Vitamins serves as an excellent weight-management aid by providing the right mix of ingredients to give you more energy and vitality.* MNS Maximum Energy is a great fit for anyone who struggles with feeling sluggish or inactive, two prominent precursors to gaining weight.* In addition to the components listed above, Advocare MNS Maximum Energy Vitamins includes appetite suppressants, metabolic enhancers and thermogenic products to specifically help support your metabolism, increase your energy and moderate your appetite.*

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Advocare products are safe and they WORK! One way we know that is because Advocare has hundreds of non-paid (yes, they do not get paid a single dime to take the Advocare products) endorsers that take Advocare because it help them look, feel, and PERFORM better at what they do.
Here are just a few of the many endorsers.

Drew Brees takes Advocare nutrition and wellness products because they help his focus and performance on the football team. 

NFL Kicker Brown lost 3 % body fat and felt great on Advocare. Hear how Advocare has made a big impact on Josh's playing and performance.

Michael Redd won a Gold Medalist on the USA basketball team. His personal trainer explains HOW Advocare is set apart from other nutritional supplement companies out there.
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Get You in Shape is a health and wellness Company in Dallas and in the Coppell Area. Get You In Shape is involved with Advocare because the company is backed by science and world class endorsers that take the nutritional products.

MNS Max 3
 (total wellness)
Appetite Control

*This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Get You In Shape is committed to helping you get the health and fitness results you want. Not sure which nutrition plan or wellness program is right for you? Let Get You In Shape custom design a nutrition program for you. Plans include weight management or weight loss, energy, sports performance, and overall health and wellness. Contact us today!

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