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As costs of insurance continue to climb, more and more companies are turning to wellness and fitness programs to successfully manage their budgets and keep their health insurance costs down.  It’s clear to see why this is a growing trend when you consider:

  • For every $1 spent on wellness programs, employers can expect a return of $2.30 to $10.10 through lower medical claims, reduced absenteeism, improved productivity according to a study published by the American Journal of Health Promotions

  • Delaware-based DuPont Co. cited a 47.5% drop in absenteeism over a six-year period for participants in their wellness program.

  •      Additionally, a healthy organization increases employee morale, improves the ability to attract and retain key people, all while having more alert and productive employees.

Numerous studies have demonstrated that healthy employees generate fewer medical expenses, less absenteeism and, are more likely to be more productive.  As a result, corporate wellness or fitness programs are becoming critically important as a means to manage costs and improve employee morale and retention.  They are an integral part of the company benefits package.

Get You in Shape offers a wide range of fitness and corporate wellness programs in Dallas, TX. Each corporate wellness plan is customized to meet your corporate objectives.  Some of these programs include:

Wellness Education Seminars for Corporations in the Dallas, TX area.

Let Get You in Shape conduct a Wellness Seminar for your employees. We offer a comprehensive wellness education program from a single 1 hour session, a series of lunch ‘n learns or full day seminars.

Seminars help educate your employees on critical health, nutrition and fitness issues, providing foundational information as well as tips that they can start using that day to help them immediately start becoming more healthy. These wellness talks are a great way to get employees to start thinking about the major health issues and begin making lifestyle choices to improve their health.

Health and Fitness Programs for corporations in the Dallas, TX area.
Get You in Shape offers several different health and fitness programs.  We start with our proven fitness programs and have our team of superior certified professional trainers work directly with your company to customize a program to meet your specific corporate wellness objectives.   Programs include assessments, customized nutrition and exercise programs, ongoing motivational emails and communications throughout the program from our trainers, access to our trainers to answer any individual questions and can also include onsite boot camps, and even individual one-on-one training time for each employee with a professional trainer.  Since we cover the entire Dallas, TX  area, we can serve the needs of many different sized companies.

There are many different options available and with Get You in Shape you help define the program that is right for your company.

Corporate Contests
We can incorporate contests into any of our programs to raise the level of staff excitement and engagement. These contests are designed to increase participation, motivation and use a healthy dose of competition to further encourage employees to embrace a healthier lifestyle. Each contest is different but all are focused on inspiring each participant  to reach their own health and fitness goals.

Corporate Online Programs
For large corporations with multiple locations an online approach to wellness may be desirable.  We can work with you to implement online wellness plans for each employee.  Online services may include

  •  Online Wellness Library – an easy to use and comprehensive database of fitness, health, medical, nutrition and wellness articles easily accessible to your employees.

  • Online Nutrition Program – providing specifics on what, when and how to eat.  Employees are able to enter their goals and drive a detailed nutrition plan to enable them to meet these goals.

  •   Online Fitness Program – provides a customized workout for each employee.  A monthly exercise calendar is generated with specific exercises, how to perform each exercise and even a video that illustrates correct form for each exercise.

Regardless of which program is right for you, Get You in Shape will help empower your employees to drive results and become healthier.   To begin customizing a program to meet your corporate objectives, contact Get You in Shape today at 214-603-8287

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