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Get You In Shape's founder Brad Linder was recently interviewed as the fitness expert for ABC's Channel 8


 COPPELL, TEXAS January 28th, 2008- Coppell resident and fitness expert Brad Linder was featured on ABC’s Channel 8 in a health and wellness segment with ABC’s own Janet St. James.

        The segment, which aired on Monday January 26th, was about a diet book called The Step Diet.  that is a way to lose weight by making small changes to lose weight rather than what most current diet books and fads suggest. The Step Diet, by James O Hill, and John C. Peter, is a life-long program for both weight loss and weight maintenance. Janet St. James has been a reporter for WFFA-TV in 1996 and covers many different stories for ABC. Brad Linder is the owner of Get You In Shape which runs one of the largest fitness boot camps in the Dallas-Fort Worth area as well as other health and wellness services.

        Linder explained that The Step Diet is not like other diet books out there that are mainly temporary fixes or quick solutions. “The answer to long-term weight loss is learning energy balance. Your weight is a direct consequence of the relationship between your energy intake and your energy expenditure. Simply put, if you consume more energy that your body burns, you will gain weight. This book gives you simple tools that help you manage that energy balance, said Linder” The Step Diet, based on scientific studies from the National Weight Control Registers, gives people simple ways to trim calories and how to burn more calories to achieve weight loss through energy balance.

        The two simple changes that help you get started on a weight loss journey are adding walking and eating a little less. The starting point is to start with physical activity. The Step Diet starts with simply walking 2,000 more steps a day and slowly increases your steps per day. The only change that you make in your eating habits is cutting your portions by 25% each day. You don’t count calories, count carbs, count protein like other programs.  

        Complete details are available at or you can contact Brad Linder as or call 214-603-8287.


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