30 Day Challenge October 22

Step #1 – Download PDF or PJEG Below     Step #2 – Watch the demonstration Video Below  Step #3 – Share on Facebook to hold yourself accountable to doing it! PDF Download Here Jpeg Download Here See videos for reminders on form and modifications https://youtu.be/kujfU-WoDeohttps://youtu.be/TMGPWST2U2Qhttps://youtu.be/0DtuLcaY904 What The Get You In Shape Program Is All […]

Coppell Fitness & Online Coach 15th Anniversary Lessons Learned

October of 2022 will mark Get You In Shape’s 15th Year Anniversary of starting the Get You In Shape fitness program in Coppell. Our Lifstyle Makeover Coaching program will be taking on 10 new clients to help us celebrate our 15th year.   Although Get You In Shape was officially  “born” in 2006 (I’ll share that story in […]

Coppell Personal Trainer September 22′ Spotlight 5:30am Class

https://youtu.be/jX9ZzAvSV6k This month we put a little twist on the spotlight and interviewed the 5:30am class. We asked why they attend this class, and what are the benefits of attending at this time. Some of the highlights are below, check out the video for all of the answers. Chaney: Best thing is the people starting with […]

August 2022 Attendance Challenge Winners

Thanks to all who did an average of 4 workouts a week and turned in your Accountability Calendar!  WINNERS FROM PRIZE POOL –  The prizes will be handed out at the sessions starting Wednesday, September 14.  If you are not attending the in-person sessions and were a winner, please contact Brad at brad@getyouinshape.com to make […]

Coppell Personal Trainer September 21′ Client Spotlight Indhu Vijay

https://youtu.be/2N22OSip0UQ Indhu Vijay is a Homemaker and lives in Coppell. What was your life like before Get You In Shape? We moved from California in 2010. New place, new people. My daughter was really young and my husband travelled for work all the time. Life was busy. I wanted to work out and was looking […]