June 2022 Attendance Challenge Winners

Thanks to all who did an average of 4 workouts a week and turned in your Accountability Calendar!  WINNERS FROM PRIZE POOL –  The prizes will be handed out at the sessions starting Friday, June 10.  If you are not attending the in-person sessions and were a winner, please contact Brad at brad@getyouinshape.com to make […]

Coppell Personal Trainer July 22′ Client Spotlight Rory Brannum

https://youtu.be/1ZAtfq3ejFA Rory Brannum lives in Farmers Branch and has been with Get You In Shape for 3 Years. What was your life like before Get You In Shape? At the start of 2019, I weighed 350 pounds. I had not been active in decades. I had a few failed starts then decided to join Get […]

Check In For Charity Recap June 2022

Below are all the names and how much each of you who checked in were able to help. Because of your simple check ins, as a community, we are making a difference. 2022 Year To Date Total Given                    $2,647.50 January Check Ins     $108.00 February Check […]

Coppell Personal Trainer June 22′ Client Spotlight Virginia Harn

https://youtu.be/8TqW2kUP0YM Virginia Harn is an Executive Assistant and lives in Flower Mound. What was your life like before Get You In Shape? I was not very active and was feeling lethargic. Why did you decide to join the Get You In Shape program? When I lived in Coppell, I ‘d see the group at the […]

30 Day Challenge July 22

Step #1 – Watch 30 Day Challenge Video Below Step #2 – Download PDF or PJEG Below              Step #3 – Share on Facebook to hold yourself accountable to doing it!   https://youtu.be/aI1sq6qiK98 PDF Download Here Jpeg Download Here What The Get You In Shape Program Is All About Our […]