40 Day Challenge

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40 Day Challenge: PROVEN!… 40 minutes a day, for 40 days… to Completely Change Your Body, Mind, and Spirit!


Do you want to be… healthier?…….thinner? … wealthier? …better looking? … more focused? … more connected? … Then the 40 Day Challenge is created JUST FOR YOU! The 40 Day Challenge book gives you a step-by-step 40 Day plan to Completely Change Your Body, Mind, and Spirit! What could you accomplish in your life if you were truly in charge of making the changes? Find out with the 40 Day Challenge!

What is different about this book? The first part of the book gives you the “follow the darn instructions” blueprint on getting starting and then the last part of the book is a 40 Day Challenge. You have 40 pages with a daily checklist to keep you motivated and accountable to following the plan. 




Brad Linder has been a transformation coach making a life-changing impact on thousands of lives since 1998. He is the founder of Get You In Shape, an in-person and online coaching program that focuses on peoples’ own ability to make change in their lives. He is a faithful Christian and his greatest achievement is his amazing wife and seven wonderful children.


“Brad Linder and his company, Get You In Shape Fitness, is one of the top personal training companies in Texas” The Doctors TV Show

“I thank God every day I found Get You In Shape. I am down 90 pounds and I have my life back because of this program!” Rhonda Shaw, Texas

“Get You In Shape has been a huge blessing in my life as I turned 60. I have lost 30 pounds and just ran a mile at age 64 at 7:21.” Jon Griffin, Texas

“This program has helped with mindset and mental breakthroughs for me to treat my body as a temple of God. This has helped me tap into my physical side by tying in the spiritual side which has given me the motivated I’ve been looking for.” Jared Galde

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