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Since August of 2020, over 2,500 men and women have gone through The F.A.T. Method with Astonishing Results!

“I had no idea what I was getting into when I signed up for the F.A.T. Method but knew my mind was made up that I needed to lose weight. On our first call, I was a bit skeptical but the camaraderie among the group was contagious and I was committed. I’m happy to say I followed through and lost 19.6 pounds in eight weeks, feel great, have more energy and finally fitting into all the cute clothes I have in my closet. Thank you Kevin for your guidance and I highly recommend this program to anyone READY to make a change. *UPDATE: I’ve continued with the F.A.T. Method and I’m now down 28.8 pounds.”   -Stephanie Hutchens
   “I lost 19.4 LBS! This program encouraged me and supported me and at the same time taught me about the unique process of losing weight. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to gain valuable and applicable information about the benefits and proper, healthy ways that he uses that are very uncommon in today’s day and age. Your program is truly effective and I am looking at it as a lifestyle change not a quick fix:)  -Lina Pitrelli

 “The F.A.T. Method has become a whole new lifestyle change for me. Diets never worked for me and I always ended up cheating and becoming depressed and quitting very quickly. The F.A.T. Method allowed me to eat whatever I wanted and see results constantly. Now doing it for 8 and 1/2 weeks I am down 20 lbs. and never felt better. Ever since giving birth to my two children I have never felt as confident as I do today solely because of the F.A.T. Method. This will be something I continue to do for the rest of my life in order to maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle!”  -Mallorie Gilbride

   “I highly recommend the F.A.T. method program. I lost 18 pounds and gained muscle in 8 weeks and the best part was most people close to me had no idea I was doing anything special because I was still able to maintain my social obligations and busy schedule. I also learned so much about easy, healthy habits that I can continue to incorporate to my lifestyle to continue to lose a little more!”             -Joel Macaluso

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What is The F.A.T. Method? It's an 8-Week Online F.A.T. Method® Weight Loss Coaching Program

» Super Simple Proven Plan – The FAT Method will teach you an easier and simpler way to help you lose weight safely and effectively without having to count calories, do some crazy gimmick and do hours of cardio.  Since August of 2020, over 2,500 men and women have gone through the F.A.T. Method. There are over 100 testimonials alone in our Free Info-Pack Here.

» Weekly Videos Coaching Calls – You will get one video training each week that will build over the 8 weeks These will give you the tools, education and game plan to follow to help you reach your goals. 

» 24/7 Accountability –Unlimited Access to Me to Ask Questions About Nutrition, Fitness and Weight Loss. You will get the support needed and we will help you stay accountable throughout the 8-weeks with 24/7 help and support (and yes… what we all need… accountability).

» Private Members Group . This may be the best thing about the program. You’ll also get access to our private group with the others who are going through the program. In the group there are lots of discussions and members are asking and answering questions all day …. every day for the 8 weeks. There is a lot of motivation and encouragement going on in the group. It’s really great! And I oversee it and respond to every question.

» Simple Workouts –  Simple At-Home Exercise Program to Accelerate Your Results (provided through our coaching app)

» Fat Accelerator  – It’s like you will have your own little on/off switch for fat loss. And you’ll have this “superpower” for the rest of your life and you can use it any time you want.

». My 100% GUARANTEE & Promise – This is an investment in your health. And because of that, I also offer a money back guarantee. If at any point during the 8 weeks you’re not satisfied, I’ll refund your money. I’m very confident in the program and the results it delivers. Whether you want to lose 10 pounds or 50 pounds, the F.A.T. Method will work and you will have it as your weight loss “weapon” the rest of your life.

I look forward to having you in the program and to you becoming our next success story.  

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About Your F.A.T. Method® Coach

Coach Brad Linder is on a mission is to empower ambitious legacy-driven leaders to live a more courageous, joyful, and impactful life through fitness, fellowship and faith.


Coach Brad brings over 25 years of training experience in the areas of strength & conditioning, personal fitness training, and nutrition.

I personally test-drove The F.A.T Method myself and dropped 10-12 lbs of body fat in only 8 weeks. I’m sure I was a bigger skeptic than you are, but this has been the BEST, SIMPLEST, and MOST EFFECTIVE weight loss program I have ever seen.

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Questions and Answers

Q: I’ve done other programs before, how is this different?

A: Simple. Sustainable. Effective. Those are the 3 biggest differentiators. The Get You In Shape F.A.T. Method™ is simple, it’s something you can do forever because you actually enjoy it, and NOTHING else works as well (hopefully you’ve seen the 100+ success stories). There is NO calorie counting, NO meal plans and NO cardio. “Other” programs give you a workout and a generic meal plan to follow and leave you on your own. With The FAT method weight loss program you get 8 recorded Zoom calls coaching you through the simple nutrition component, an Accountability Coach with you 24/7 to answer your questions so you can get the most out of The F.A.T. Method, a private Member’s only group for support and inspiration from your fellow FAT Method participants, simple strength/resistance workouts for all fitness levels (6 Sessions a week) , and my personal guidance, support and feedback. I am the one who personally coaches each participant. I am the one overseeing the private Members only group, etc. You will also get an 8-week course with tips on nutrition, cooking and other healthy habit tips. You will get personal interaction from me including private messages, texts, emails and even coaching calls when needed. 

Q: Do I have but anything else like meals or supplements with the F.A.T. Method?


A: NO. This is one of the main advantages of the F.A.T Method. No pre-packaged meals or no supplements. The ONLY investment in the program is for the 8 week coaching program that is GUARANTEED so you won’t be asked to buy anything.  

Q: Can’t I just do more cardio and lose the weight?

A: Yes. But if you go that route you will also burn muscle, which will slow down your metabolism in the long run (no pun intended) Not to mention that in order to keep seeing results, which will be very s-l-o-w, you’ll have to do A LOT of cardio and you’ll have to keep doing more and more to the point where you’re doing it every day just to maybe lose a pound or two.

Q: How much weight can I expect to lose with The F.A.T. Method™?

A: On average you can expect to lose anywhere from 10-20 pounds in 8 weeks. This will all depend on how much you want/need to lose. A heavier person with more weight to lose will lose more and vice versa. Many people have lost over 20+ pounds during their 8 weeks, with the majority of participants losing between 15-20 pounds.

Q: Is this a Diet? Won’t the weight just come back on after the 8 weeks is over?

A: No, this is not a diet. This is a lifestyle that is very easy to follow and maintain for the rest of your life. Many participants continue with The F.A.T. Method™ and lose even more weight after the 8 weeks are over. It’s completely up to you as far as how much weight you want to continue losing. You will learn the FAT Loss Accelerator and also the Eating For Life Nutrition. 

I am going to be traveling during the 8 weeks… Can I still participate?
YES! The great news about the F.A.T. Method is that it works if you have to travel or while on vacation. Just let us know the days when you will be traveling after signing up so we can customize the plan for you those days. 

Q: What if I’m not satisfied with my results?

A: No worries at all. Just let me know and I will refund your money. I want people to be happy with their results. I’m not here to just take your money. With that said, over 2,500 people have successfully gone through The F.A.T. Method™ Program with amazing results which is why if you follow the program, seek our help along the week and are not satisfied we are happy to refund your money .

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