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 Meet Your fit Over 50 Lifestyle Makeover Coach, Best Selling Author, Brad Linder 

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Since 1998, Brad Linder and Get You In Shape Fitness has helped over 3,869 people look and feel 10 years younger.  The Fit Over 50 Lifestyle Makeover Coaching Program has been proven to help anyone over 50 jump start their way towards long-term lifestyle changes. The Fit Over 50 Lifestyle Makeover Program is specific to anyone over 50 who is ready to make some health and fitness changes in their life and needs the motivation and support to make it happen. After the age of 50 resistance training is very important. The Fit Over 50 is designed so that each client gets a customized fitness program, a nutrition system for lifestyle change and an Accountability Coach to help support them through their journey. With over 780 YouTube Testimonies alone, the Get You In Shape Fit Over 50 Program has a proven plan to help motivate, encourage and inspire people to change their lives.  Get You In Shape was featured in The Obama Diaries, by Laura Ingraham. Get You In Shape was also featured on The Doctor’s TV show with Julian Micheal’s as being one of the Top Fitness Companies in Texas. 

 Are You Ready Look and Feel 10 Year Younger!Would You Like To…  

 If You Answered YES to any of the questions above then the Online Fit Over 50 Lifestyle Makeover is for you!   

We’ve got 3, 659 Success Stories since 2006!

With over 780+ YouTube Videos alone, this program has been proven to help people over 50 look and feel 10 years younger! 

REAL CLIENTS. REAL RESULTS Some of our hundreds of Fit Over 50 Lifestyle Makeover Success Stories

Rhonda Shaw

“I think GOD I found Get You In Shape. I was not in a good place when I started and needed something to help me change. Everything from the simple nutrition plan, the accountability coach and working out with amazing supportive people my age have been a life-changer for me.  I am down 90+ pounds with the help of Get You In Shape and I’ve got my life back.”

Joe Gonzales  

“I was 50+ pounds overweight when things started getting bad in all areas of my life. I was had lost confidence and my job was suffering. The Fit Over 50 program allowed me to just follow the plan and the coach provided the motivation along with the support I needed to change. I lost 55 pounds but I got back my confidence which turned into new opportunities in my life. For that I am eternally grateful for Get You In Shape and their Fit Over 50 Program.”

Cathy Perschbacker   

“I was scared to get started but from day #1 Brad, the trainer and the clients made this overweight gal feel welcomed. This program has literally changed my LIFE! I’ve lost 30 pounds, but most importantly, am healthy and feel alive again!”

Jon Griffen   

“I had a membership to the local recreation center but never seemed to know what to do, nevery was motivated to get there and also wasn’t getting any results. I saw this Fit Over 50 program and decided it was worth trying. I have lost 25 pounds and ran a 7:21 mile the other day at age 64. I was having some back issues before starting and those have gone away. Highly recommend this program.!”

WHAT’S INCLUDED WITH THE Online Fit Over 50 Coaching Program?



6 Different Get You In Shape Fitness Sessions each week all coming from your coach daily. YES. All our workouts are designed for all fitness levels so you only do what you CAN do and not worry about what you CAN’T. They are all sent so you can stream it anytime and anywhere making it very flexible and doable if you are on a tight schedule or travel often.  Stay engaged and I promise you’ll be delighted (possibly even shocked) at how fast your body can change and how you can begin feeling much better. NO FANCY equipment needed.  We have modifications for all fitness levels so you go at your own pace. Your coach will also be reaching out. 


If you not in great shape or haven’t worked out in a while, WE GOT YOU! This program is designed for folk over 50, we structure the workouts so the online trainer explains each exercise at different levels (even beginners) Maybe you are tired of all the other online workouts that just aren’t geared for folks over 50. If you have tried the Beach Body and other online workouts that are geared to the younger generation, then YOU WILL LOVE our Fit Over 50 workouts. We are focused on long term lifestyle change so all the tools, resources, accountability, fitness training and more are in place to help our clients succeed.     


Our Get You In Shape world class coaching app makes learning easy and fun, plus it provides you with a direct communication line to your coach so you’re never on your own.

Each week we will cover new topics and break those down into daily bite-sized lessons that you can easily absorb. You’ll also be able to track your habits and check-in with your coach each day, getting the support and accountability you need to succeed.

By the way, the daily lessons only take 90-120 seconds but are packed with proven tips to help you. 


There are no shortage of FREE workouts, free nutrition plans and free programs out there. Accountability is the missing link to long term lifestyle change. THIS IS A PERSONAL TRAINING COACHING PROGRAM. Our program is NOT a do it yourself or do it on your own program. If you love accountability and love over-delivering, then you will love our program. Our job is give you the motivation, encouragement, inspiration and accountability you need to succeed. Everyone needs someone in your corner to help support them every step of the way. We got you! You’ll have a 24/7 dedicated coach to help keep you on track as well as supporting you along the way. 

MEAL PLAN  ($500 Value)

Designed by a Registered Dietitian, these simple-to-follow meal plans are a game-changer. The recipes are delicious and only require basic cooking skills. And the time-saving grocery lists are so helpful! If you are struggling with your nutrition, you are not alone. Diet’s don’t work. Real life nutrition that works is the only thing you need. We got it. Learn to conquer the times we are in by following our simple guide along with our professional nutrition coaching. We will support you and will show you how to succeed and love your food. 

Nutrition Success GUIDE  ($500 Value)

Our signature Nutrition Success Guide lays it all out for you in easy to understand language.

This manual is loaded with practical information that will prove valuable for the rest of your life — clients tell us all the time how they love being able to refer back to it whenever they want to.

You’ll also get our meal-planning guide, sample meal plans, grocery shopping lists, and some of our absolute favorite, easy-to-cook recipes.

Support Group 24/7  ($500 Value)Our Member’s Only Group that will help motivate, encourage and inspire you. It’s said that you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with…That’s not always ideal when you’re goal is to transform your body and improve your health.It’s critical that you plug-in to a supportive community and spend time with people who have done or are doing what you want to do… Plus, life is supposed to be enjoyed so make some new friends who will enhance your journey!


“Before joining Get You In Shape, I always feared failing…again. I was the number thing holding me back. Not with the help of my accountability coach, the Get You in Shape fitness at my own level and the online support group I don’t feel that way anymore. 

I can really tell the difference when Im taking care of myself – I have the energy to keep up with my 3 Grandkids, my mood is lighter and more positive, and being a grandparent is more fun and not as taxing. Im also really enjoying all the mindset training. Now I feel like I can make my future what I want it to be. I have the power within myself to create the environment, to create the mentality, and to visualize what I want and to achieve it. I dont just have to live with the consequences of the past; now I get to create my own consequences.

Get You In Shape  provides so much more than just great workouts. All those extras they pour into us are worth more than gold!

– Andrea A. 

REAL CLIENTS. REAL RESULTS Some of our hundreds of Fit Over 50 Lifestyle Makeover Success Stories

Kathi Hine  

“I had some physical issues for years and knew I needed a program that I could do at my own level. The Fit Over 50 program gave me all the tools and tips necessary which helped me to believe that it was possible. The “Follow The Darn Instructions” was exactly what I needed and have lost over 30 pounds since starting.”

Julie Madden

“Both my daughters were getting married in a year and I knew I wanted to feel amazing in my dress but also knew I had a long way to go. I started the Jump Start and it was the perfect program for me. I could go at my own pace, had the support and motivation I needed and also was given simple tools to help me achieve my results. I am down 35 lbs and felt amazing walking down the isle for both the weddings.”

Rory Brannom 

“I’ve lost a total of 110 pounds since starting my health and fitness journey. I lost some follow just a nutrition program I invested in but then found Get You In Shape. It gave the accountability I needed to continue my journey. The fitness was exactly what I needed since it allowed me to go at my level with the trainer’s helping to give me modifications it I need it. Highly suggest this program to anyone looking for a lifestyle change”

3, 659 Success Stories since 2006!

With over 780+ YouTube Videos alone, this program has been proven to help people over 50 look and feel 10 years younger! 

What’s The Cost Of Having A Personal Online  Fit Over 50 Coach to Help Me Reboot My Metabolism? 

From our point of view (sure it’s biased), there really is no “cost” to the program…just a WISE one-time investment.The cost is in NOT doing the program…

Right now, there’s no better investment you can make for yourself and your family than the Fit Over 50 Get You In Shape  Online Personal Training Program.

At the same time, we understand that everyone’s financial situation is different. And, if you’ve failed with other programs in the past you may be hesitant to invest again. 

We get that – other programs didn’t work for us in the past – which is why your investment in our  Online Personal Training Program is backed by our Ironclad, 100% Satisfaction Money-Back Guarantee. Now that the risk has been removed, you can feel quite confident about participating. 🙂   

There’s no question the long-term results are going to be worth a lot more than that, but you won’t even have to invest half of that when you sign up today…

But, just for a moment, what amount of money would you pay to:

HOW MUCH WOULD YOU PAY FOR THAT?There’s no question that the long-term results will be worth 10x that, even 100x…There is no cost to book a call and see if this may be the program you have been praying for to change your life! 

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